International Hapkido Karate Association Counsel 

Supreme Grandmaster Jung Bai Lee

Founder IHKA 1972

 Grandmaster Todd Sexton

West Coast Branch Director

Grandmaster Tony Merendino

 Grandmaster Vinnie Searles

 Grandmaster William Walker

East Coast Branch Director

Supreme Grandmaster Jung Bai Lee

Supreme Grandmaster J.B. Lee began his martial arts career in 1953 at the age of 12. He earned a 3rd degree Black Belt in Judo and was a highly skilled competitive boxer before finishing high school. In 1958, J.B. Lee began training with Grandmaster Lee Dong Gu in Seoul, South Korea. He went on to found the International Hapkido Karate Association utilizing the "Hoshinsul" Hapkido taught to him exclusively by Grandmaster Lee Dong Gu. In addition, Grandmaster J.B. Lee also holds black belt ranks in Kendo and Kung Fu. He was invited to be the exclusive instructor for hand-to-hand combat for the Los Angeles division of the FBI.

He received the first martial arts instructors visa issued by the South Korean government to come to the United States in 1970. He operated a Hapkido studio at the FBI headquarters in Los Angeles, CA from 1970 to 1976. He has also trained both CIA and US Special Forces. Prior to 1970 he was an instructor for the body- guards for President Park during his time as President of South Korea. In addition to training the FBI, J.B. Lee also opened several Hapkido schools in Los Angeles area beginning in 1972. Since that time he has traveled the world promoting and teaching Hapkido. Over the years he has taught and supervised the instruction of several thousand Hapkido students.


Although retired, J.B. Lee's students carry on his Hapkido teaching in schools around the world.

Grandmaster William Walker

Grandmaster William Walker began his passion for Hapkido Martial Arts under the direction of Supreme Grandmaster J.B. Lee, founder of the International Hapkido Karate Association (IHKA) in 1982. Master Walker received his 1st Dan (degree) Black Belt in 1985 and has continued his training for more than three decades. Currently a 7th Dan (degree) Black Belt, Master Walker has taught countless students across the 7 cities 35 plus years. 


In addition to Hapkido, Grandmaster Walker has a passion for Kick Boxing. In 2004, he was awarded a silver medal for Full Contact Kick Boxing at the U.S. Nationals in Hampton, VA. He was also ranked 6th in the United Sates World Kick Boxing Karate Organization. 


Over the past 37 years he has taught and provided community service to schools and charity groups throughout the Hampton Roads area. He also served as Consular to the Peninsula Response Women’s Rape Prevention group. as well as training local law enforcement and military officers. 


In 2008, Grandmaster Walker was appointed as the United States East Coast Branch Director for the International Hapkido-Karate Association and continues to serve to this day.